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Week 1 Recap of #100BookExcerpts

Have you been following on my 100 Day Project? Here is a recap of my week:     You can't find your voice if you don't use it.   Feedback? Book Suggestions? Please leave me a comment 🙂  


Tuesday, April 10, is Equal Pay Day. It signifies the number of extra days the average woman must work to earn the same pay as her male counterpart. According to Census data, the 2018 wage gap between women and men is 80 cents. Meaning, women who work full-time in the United States are paid only 80 …

Custom Prints.

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These custom art prints found a home and it makes me so happy. Creating custom art + stationary is my favorite! Who else needs these in their life?

books. books. books.

I love books. Always have. Always will. I stopped reading for fun in high school and picked it up again when I got pregnant. It’s been hard to make the time since becoming a mother but I am excited more than ever to make reading a habit again. Especially with this NEW cool tote that …