Dear Human Family,

A Love Manifesto—Submitted to @bradmontague... for a letter to the world. Consider this a recap.

Week 8 Recap: #100BookExcerpts

More than half way through my challenge and I've finally gone through my whole book collection. Guess it means I need to add more to my shelves!       Love this challenge? Follow along on Instagram!

Note to Self

We all need this reminder, right?  Grateful for this life I have created and so very ready to share my next project with you. Announcement coming in a few short hours. Hugs!

Week 1 Recap of #100BookExcerpts

Have you been following on my 100 Day Project? Here is a recap of my week:     You can't find your voice if you don't use it.   Feedback? Book Suggestions? Please leave me a comment 🙂