Week 9 Recap: #100BookExcerpts

This week was a challenge. Finding the motivation to grab a book, pick a quote, designing and writing a caption is starting to take a toll. So close to the finish line, though, and I don't plan n giving up!     Happy Reading!

Week 8 Recap: #100BookExcerpts

More than half way through my challenge and I've finally gone through my whole book collection. Guess it means I need to add more to my shelves!       Love this challenge? Follow along on Instagram!


15 years ago today, I lost a best friend. Kristel was in a fatal car crash, driving home from prom, less than 2 weeks away from our high school graduation.     Her loss left a huge hole in my heart. I went off to college, started dating my elementary school crush (!!) and was …

Week 7 Recap: #100BookExcerpts

I'm almost half-way through my 100 Day Project! Do you have a favorite quote or book?       Any recommendations, thoughts or suggestions are welcome!

Week 6 Recap: #100BookExcerpts

Feeling accomplished this week as I was out of town and still managed to read and keep my challenge going. This is the farthest I've gone without skipping or wanting to quit (I LOVE LOVE LOVE this challenge)! Hope you are enjoying this too. Any recommendations for books? Please share!     Follow along on …