My friends at @imperfectbosses kicked off the #imperfectishuman campaign today and hundreds of women are sharing what makes them human. I’m joining the conversation to prove that imperfect is normal, and break the power of our collective shame.  

When Ashley reached out to me about joining the campaign, I spent the weekend agonizing over what I would share. I feel like I have so many flaws, I don’t event know where to start. Anyone else?! 😉

The truth is, I stress about anything and everything (comes with the territory of living with depression and anxiety), and really struggle with being present. I feel the most shame when I think about who I am as a mother. I go to bed most nights wondering if I’ve shown my daughter enough love, given her enough attention, or taught her enough to be a good human and positive light in this world.

If you take away anything from this post, I hope you know: you are enough, you can be totally yourself and you can let go of the things you thought you were the only one fighting against. 

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