Valentine’s Day Classroom Cards

I know Valentine’s Day isn’t everyone’s favorite holiday, but as a kid, I loved picking out my cards, writing them out to my classmates and getting home to read all the cards I was given. I don’t know if this is where my love for cards came from, but as an adult, I still love standing in the card aisle and reading tons of cards until I find the perfect one.

Since my daughter started school, I’ve been on a mission to create the perfect “compliment card”. This has not been easy since my daughter refuses to let me include any hearts. This year, instead of having her fill-in-the-blank, I asked her to think of everyone in her class and give me 4 adjectives that she could kindly describe her classmates. She came up with smart, kind, cool, and nice.

I came up with a few different designs and my daughter picked her favorite font and chose the colors. I am so excited for her to hand these out to her classmates. Is there really anything better than receiving a compliment? or being kind?

Printable Classroom Cards by Mint and Merit

If you love these cards as much as we do, download a free printable here.

If you have any questions or concerns, email me via and if you choose to download and pass them out, please share with me using the #minandmerit hashtag on instagram.

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