#IStandForGirls Recap

Last year, Kurandza launched their first annual #IStandForGirls Campaign with the goal of providing scholarships to 100 underprivileged girls in Mozambique. Because of community support, Kurandza reached their goal!

100 girls ranging from kindergarten all the way up through high school have been in school for the past year! These girls have increased their confidence and self-esteem, are learning Portuguese (Mozambique’s national language) and some are even starting to learn English, and they are dreaming for the future!


This year, Kurandza launched their second annual #IStandForGirls campaign and doubled the goal from last year to raise scholarships for 200 girls! Women (and men) from across the world took part in this powerful campaign and flooded social media with the message that education matters!

The campaign succeeded in securing scholarships for all 200 girls in Mozambique! This means that Kurandza will be able to provide school fees, books, uniforms, backpacks, school supplies, and transportation to 200 girls so that they will be able to get an education in Mozambique!

Mint and Merit is proud to announce that collectively, through the #MoreLoveTee fundraiser, we raised $350 for #IStandForGirls + $300 for the naptime dormitory in 2018.

#IstandForGIrls x #MoreLoveTee // Photo by Ink & Pulp
#IstandForGirls2018 x #MoreLoveTee // Photo by Ink & Pulp

Thank you to everyone who purchased with purpose! Your support means the world to me, Kurandza, and the girls in the program. If you would like to be involved this upcoming year, please visit Kurandza.org to learn more.

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