Mint and Merit is proud to join businesses from all over to advance justice & equality. For the next five weeks, we are using the power of our voices, platforms and businesses for good.

We’re entrepreneurs and business owners who challenge the idea that we’re “in it” only for ourselves.

We’re for basic human rights for all people.

We’re supporting the rights of woman, people of color, LGBTQ+ people and people with disabilities through the ACLU.

We’re for families being together.

We’re supporting immigrants and the reunification of parents and children held at the US border through the The Young Center.

We’re for victims being heard and believed.

We’re supporting victims of sexual abuse and trauma through RAINN.

We’re for diversity and inclusion.

We’re supporting all members of our society who are vulnerable to various forms of discrimination through the Southern Poverty Law Center.

We’re for equity and economic well-being for all people.

We’re supporting access to opportunity and development for under-resourced or under-represented communities through Jobs With Justice.

From November 19th through December 23rd, participating businesses will raise funds for five nonprofits through different give-back campaigns. For additional info, Click Here.

Mint and Merit is proud to donate 20% of profits from my online shops  — & — I’m also doing a GIVEAWAY! 

Donate $10 to the cause & enter to win a FREE Mini Art Print or 15oz Mug from the Mint and Merit Society6 shop. To enter, you must send a screenshot of your donation receipt to design@mintandmerit.com or send a direct message on Instagram. Winner will be announced on December 26th.

Artwork designed by Mint and Merit. Reposting is encouraged. Please credit.

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