More Love Tee x Kurandza Update

Did you purchase a MORE LOVE Shirt?
Maybe you’ve been interested but missed the campaign deadline?
I am happy to share an update with you all
on the pre-school dormitory…

The girls at Kurandza’s Partner Preschool at nap time.

Currently, the designated space for nap time is in the cafeteria. With the support from many, Kurandza was able to raise enough funds to build a separate “nap-time” dormitory for these little ones!

The foundation has already been built and the builders are completing the walls this week! This is going to make such a difference for these pre-schoolers! They will have a secure place to nap that isn’t near their food. They will also have a place just for the boys and just for the girls to nap.


If you made a purchase, THANK YOU for helping make this happen! With 40 shirts sold, we raised $300 for the preschool. 💕 The campaign is currently on hold while the preschool gets finished, but will be relaunching to help fundraise for the #IStandForGirls campaign. This year, Kurandza’s goal is to provide school sponsorships — including school fees, uniforms, backpacks, text books, supplies, and transportation for 200 girls! For more info, visit

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