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yellow tour: san diego.

Where do I start?

I came across YELLOW Co on Instagram in 2015 and I was instantly hooked. I bought my conference ticket on a whim ( very unlike me ) and drove from San Diego to Los Angeles by myself ( also, not my thing ) to attend my first Yellow Conference in 2016.



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spread goodness and bloom.


I remember the nerves and excitement of booking my first solo Airbnb + wondering how I was going to SHOW UP  to a conference that I had never been before and with no familiar faces to put me at ease. I should probably mention ( if you couldn’t already tell ) that I am an introvert and this was completely out of my comfort zone. For once, however, my excitement superseded my fears and I couldn’t wait to soak in the experience.

I remember walking up to the venue, with butterflies in my stomach, and being stopped in my tracks by the beauty of it all. Not exaggerating, I think I started crying within 5 minutes of entering the space…and I didn’t stop crying ( happy tears ) for 2 full days. I guess if you know me, it’s not much of a stretch ( Ha! ) but truthfully, the conference exceeded my expectations and every person I met was kind and also a BAD-ASS. I signed up for the collective and the rest is history.

Fast forward to Saturday, February 17, 2018…


I brought my sister to join me for the first ever YELLOW Co Pop Up Tour: San Diego and I was PUMPED.  Being in a room full of ladies with the same mission in mind: to use our skills, strengths, and talents for good—is extremely empowering.  At a time where the news, politics and social media can be disheartening and tragic, YELLOW Co gives me hope that together we truly can make a difference.

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m a n t r a


Today’s take-aways:

+ do the work

+ cut this thought out: other people are doing it better

+ ask for help

+ we need space for struggle

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+ follow your gut intuition

+ align your work with your passion

+ sometimes you just need to place your hand on your heart AND JUST LISTEN

+ find what drains you and delegate those tasks to others

+ give yourself permission to be good at something

+ proclaim what you want to become

+ and of course…


AMAZING, right? Now I just need to figure out how to squeeze in a few road trips… Portland and Denver stops are calling my name. 😉


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Melissa Monroy, the face / founder / designer behind Mint and Merit



women + children apparel items added to Zazzle.


new apparel.


new birthday + valentine’s day greeting cards added to Zazzle.

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new cards.

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diy valentine cards.

DIY cards for the win! 

I originally designed Valentine’s Day compliment cards for my kindergartener. 



…but after my daughter’s teacher requested NO to personalized valentine cards, I had to improvise last minute. My 6-year old painted on 8.5 x 11 Letter size cardstock and I cut them up into individual 3.5 x 2.5 cards. She wrote her name on the back and placed these $1 foam conversation stickers (from target) on the front. I love them so much I almost don’t want her to give them away. ☺️🙃