More Love Tee x Kurandza Update

Did you purchase a MORE LOVE Shirt?
Maybe you’ve been interested but missed the campaign deadline?
I am happy to share an update with you all
on the pre-school dormitory…

The girls at Kurandza’s Partner Preschool at nap time.

Currently, the designated space for nap time is in the cafeteria. With the support from many, Kurandza was able to raise enough funds to build a separate “nap-time” dormitory for these little ones!

The foundation has already been built and the builders are completing the walls this week! This is going to make such a difference for these pre-schoolers! They will have a secure place to nap that isn’t near their food. They will also have a place just for the boys and just for the girls to nap.


If you made a purchase, THANK YOU for helping make this happen! With 40 shirts sold, we raised $300 for the preschool. 💕 The campaign is currently on hold while the preschool gets finished, but will be relaunching to help fundraise for the #IStandForGirls campaign. This year, Kurandza’s goal is to provide school sponsorships — including school fees, uniforms, backpacks, text books, supplies, and transportation for 200 girls! For more info, visit

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Wedding Design for Colin and Sara

I decided to take a healthy break from my blog…but I can’t keep this project to myself any longer! This romantic and dreamy wedding took place in Denver, Colorado…and I feel so grateful to have played a small role in this beautiful day.

Seriously though, how amazing does this bride and groom look?


I loved working with Colin and Sara to create custom Welcome Letters (not pictured), Directional Signs and Programs for this special day.




Sara and Colin

Wedding Planner: A Vintage Affair Events // Photography: Laura Murray 

Florist: Beet & Yarrow / Make up: Kelsey Zabawa /  Lighting: Elite Entertainment  

Rentals: Event Rents & Yonder Decor & Hostess Haven


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Last Day!

Have you had your eye on a #MORELOVE tee?

Don’t miss your chance to purchase a shirt and help preschool girls in Mozambique! This fundraiser ends TODAY, Sunday June 10 at midnight (EST). Every shirt sold makes a difference. Be a part of a movement that changes lives!


When a girl gets an education, she’s able to dream.  Help support girls in Mozambique!


About Kurandza. A non-profit using education + entrepreneurship to empower women + girls in Mozambique! Kurandza actually means “to love” in Changana, the local language of the community this organization impacts. When you purchase a shirt, $5 will go to towards the preschool dormitory…providing mattresses, mosquito nets, and furniture for children. Follow on facebook or instagram and twitter: @lovekurandza.


My heart has been so heavy thinking about Guatemala, Hawaii, Puerto Rico…Kate Spade, and now Anthony Bourdain. I don’t like watching the news because I cry for people I’ve never met and get attached to the stories of people I may never have known.

Can I overshare? I want to be REAL.

I’ve been given an amazing gift of family, friends, an education, good health, rights—PRIVILEGE. And yet, I battle with depression every single day of my life. There are days when I wake up so numb and sad and angry and I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHY. I get angry with myself for having all these negative thoughts and feelings. I become short-tempered and yell and shut out the people I love most. I get upset at myself for projecting all my negative energy onto others…and the cycle continues. Sometimes this cycle is quiet, and sometimes it’s really LOUD. Lately, It’s like a buzz in my ear. Today, I need therapy. News of tragedy always has a way of kicking me while I’m down.

I constantly wonder why I battle with my head every day when life has been so good to me? Why do I feel so alone when I’m surrounded by amazing friends and family? Why can’t I just be HAPPY with these gifts I’ve been given? Why was I given so much and others are given so little? Do I even deserve this life? Why do I care so much?

There have been times where I thought my daughter would be better off without me. I wasn’t being selfish in wanting the pain to go away. I thought my depression would diminish her light. Ive felt like my daughter deserves a mom who is happy and loving and not sad and crying all the time. I’ve never been suicidal but I’ve wanted to die more times than I can count. I am not selfish or weak, I’m TIRED from fighting the anger and sadness all the time.

I don’t say any of this to scare or worry my friends, family or clients.  I just really wanted to keep an honest dialogue about this not-so-perfect piece of ME. But most importantly, I wanted to share in hopes that someone reading this will UNDERSTAND and know they are not alone.

If you are depressed or suicidal, please reach out. To someone you love, to someone you trust, or to a professional. Depression can’t be cured, but it can be quiet. It just takes practice. Hugs to anyone who needs one today. I am #HereforYou

Reminders I’ll be telling myself today:

No rain. No flowers.

I got this.


More Love More Love More Love

 I wish the picture showed excitement right now inside my head and my heart.

This shirt design started out as a simple plea. I had turned on the news one evening and everything was ugly and hateful. I turned it off and jumped on my instagram…only to find posts of loss and grief and sadness. Everything felt so heavy and I just wanted to scream—


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

After the women’s march and the Viva La MUJER campaign, this saying / design / plea wouldn’t go away. I knew I had to make this shirt happen, even if it was just for myself. Turns out, when you trust in the universe and put doubts and fear aside…amazing things can happen.

I reached out to the Yellow Collective about teaming up with a non-profit & I literally expected crickets / silence / nothing. But almost instantly, Elisabetta, the founder of KURANDZA reached out and told me that Kurandza means “to love”…and her organization needed help fundraising for their preschool project. It couldn’t have been more perfect. The rest is history!

Screenshot 2018-06-01 10.29.08

Now, each time I see this shirt…I’m reminded of the outpouring love and support—and the preschoolers in Mozambique—and I’m overwhelmed with GRATITUDE and LOVE and HOPE for the future. Thank You. From the bottom of my heart.

 7 days left in the campaign! Will you help me reach my goal? 💗

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 Purchase Unisex, Women’s Slim Fit and/or Youth. Additional Color Options Available.